Elkay kitchen sinks come in a variety of types, materials, styles, finishes, and mount styles. Elkay mount styles or installations include undermount, top mount, apron front, corner, and integrated. The mount style and installation will depend highly on your preference and needs but it also depends greatly on the type of countertops and cabinetry you own. For instance, undermount kitchen sinks are fastened from underneath so the countertop and cabinetry must be able to accommodate that installation. Top mount is the most common method of installation but modern kitchen designers are constantly increasing the use of undermount and integrated sinks because they create a seamless and elegant overall design which is highly indicative of a more modern decor. Apron front and corner are also popular but their installation is quite different and requires more expertise.

Elkay Kitchen Sinks

Elkay stainless steel kitchen sinks are exquisite in appearance and their most popular material by far. The company does however carry a large selection of other sink materials like copper, e-granite, fine fireclay, and harmony quartech. All Elkay kitchen sinks are masterly crafted to be beautiful, durable, and highly functional in any kitchen design. Elkay ceramic kitchen sinks made out of fine fireclay or harmony quartech are considered very high end in the design world. If you have any problems deciding which sink will best fit your current kitchen design you can contact a local sales representative who can help you answer some of your questions and concerns.

There are various Elkay showrooms and retailers so you can shop locally if you prefer to see each unit in person. Online shopping is also available from various online stores. You can however purchase accessories for your kitchen directly from the Elkay website. For most people the kitchen sink is an investment worth taking a little time to make sure you get the best product for your money and the Elkay company is known all over the world for delivering products that are surpass expectations.

Tips for a spiffy kitchen

Kitchens tend to be all hard angles and symmetrical surfaces. This look can be softened with curtains, checks and lace for a country look. Prints in primary colors cheer up an all-white contemporary kitchen.

Tips for a spiffy kitchen

Today’s vinyl wallpapers are not only washable but are easy to hang. Cleverly chosen papers can hide cracks and flaws and add interest to your four square walls. As well, you can use wallpaper borders to simulate architectural detailing around ceilings, doors and windows.
For those who are ambitious, stenciling on cupboards, walls and floor can convert your kitchen from boring to a personal statement (unless you are boring.
Change a cheap light fixture to, perhaps, a tiffany or an avant garde import. It’s important to have clean, clear light in your kitchen– workshop. Caution: don’t sacrifice quality of lighting for style.
Prints and posters on walls and collectables on windowsills, high shelves and fridge-top add a personal touch and can deflect from structural problems.
Cabinets can be spray-painted. Interesting knobs and hardware from an antique market or specialty hardware store will minimize the mass-produced look of your cupboards.
The best way to open up a kitchen is to eliminate the doors of the upper cupboards. Here your glassware, dishes and provisions in decorative jars can be arranged to advantage and become part of the decor.
Using wood and brick veneer and mirrors in strategic spots on your walls can give depth and interest to a simple kitchen area.
If you’re short of space, hanging pots and utensils from the ceiling can be efficient and attractive. A pegboard on the wall, to support tools and pots, is also a good use of space.
Grow your own herbs on the windowsill or hang plants in the window. This will add some character and life to your work area.
A machine-washable rag rug or carpet in front of the sink adds color and will sop up spills from the sink.